A big, exciting day for Brizzly (whom I have written about more than a few times!). Today they announce two major product launches: 1. Brizzly for the iPhone It is a free iPhone App (download here) and has the same functionality and feel that Brizzly.com has. If you are an avid Brizzly or Twitter user - it's a must:

2. Brizzly Guide

Brizzly has always included Twitter trends with crowdsourced definitions and color. In fact, they also have made it widely available with the Lets Be Trends API. Trending topics each get their own guide pages - which are archived - and feature relevant content from the community, Twitter, relevant sources, etc. You can also access historical information about topics. For instance, Chuck Norris is the #2 trend today (it is his 70th birthday) but you can also see that first appeared as a trend on Jan 16, 2010. In fact, Chuck has quite the robust Brizzly timeline:

You can now read more on TechCrunch: "Brizzly’s Been Busy — Buying Apps, Creating Guides, And Going On Picnics."