If you're an active blogger and WordPress user, you should be excited about the new launch of VaultPress - a backup and monitoring service for your sites. Vaultpress launched this week as a Beta and has the best looking "Beta Applications" I have seen... and in the world of optimizing funnels (registration paths, purchase flows, etc), this is a great lesson in thinking about how to apply that knowledge and analysis to fuzzier aspects of the business (like the Beta launch). What can be learned?

1. It is simple and clever... all within the VaultPress brand and look 2. It cleverly captures all of the information typically requested (name, URL, etc) 3. It captures directional information that will help inform usage, customer type, etc: as examples, "How much would you pay?" and "Why would you pay?" 4. VaultPress understands the Beta applicant and therefore can intelligently invite / control the invitation process (such that they can have early users of whatever type / pattern they prefer)

Note: Polaris is an investor in Automattic (parent company of WordPress).