A few days ago, I highlighted the latest Carl's Jr. Facebook campaign and noted the impressive mix of product, virality, advertising and consumer benefit (aka coupons and rewards).

Below is a similar effort from Starbucks - who, at 7.5m fans, is one of the most prominent and innovative brands on Facebook. Users create custom mugs of coffee using Starbucks new Via product. Once the mug is created and customized, users are asked to share on Facebook - and are rewarded with Via coupons (which can also be shared). Also like Carl's Jr. - the coupon is only available for users who share their creation. In effect, it becomes an incentivized referral program.

The difference between the two campaigns is that Carl's Jr. occurs entirely on Facebook and Starbucks lives on their own website. My guess is that virality is greater for Carl's Jr. - who can advertise more effectively on Facebook and not suffer drop off between domains.

Once you have create your custom Starbucks Via mug, you can share your creation on Facebook.

The mug can include photos from your Facebook feed or your friends' feeds.

Your reward for creating and sharing is a coupon for Starbucks Via.