As Internet Week New York kicks off next week, CNN visited Dogpatch Labs New York to understand how New York's growing tech scene compares to Silicon Valley's. For the piece ("The next Silicon Valley? It may be New York"), CNN spoke to several of the Dogpatch Labs residents and Polaris partner Peter Flint about New York entrepreneurship, networking and culture. While opinions varied (see the video below), it is clear that:

1. The New York tech scene is growing rapidly, and 2. It has its own unique culture and community

As Peter Flint says in the below video, "I don't know if New York will ever become Silicon Valley. In some ways, do you want it to become Silicon Valley? The culture here is very different than the culture there."

With Dogpatch Labs hosting entrepreneurs in New York, Cambridge and San Francisco - we are excited to take part in each of the communities and hopefully add to the unique cultures.

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