I can't tell if this is:- an algorithmic enhancement - a bug - an indication that my newsfeed is becoming less interesting - an indication that I am not liking enough current / real time activity ... But my Facebook Top News feed is beginning to display content from beyond the last 24 hours. In some cases it extends up to two weeks ago (see below screenshot). I frequently see posts from over a day ago - but have since seen posts from several days (and now weeks).

While it could be an algorithmic change, it could also be an effort to better archive feed activity (particularly if Facebook considers the more aged content as "extra top news").

I am clearly reaching - but interesting to think about how Facebook deals with backward search and archival over time. In fact, in two discussions yesterday - old Facebook posts were discussed (pointing to a newsfeeed post / link) and we gave up trying to find it as it was months old.

Whether it is Facebook or a developer (both are likely), there is clearly a business opportunity to archive ones digital life - with time, search, and filtering (whats important) being paramount.