Over the last couple weeks, I have selectively included excerpts form relevant Quora conversations - specifically about Dogpatch Labs, Polaris Ventures, etc. Here is an answer not written by myself - but rather by a Dogpatch Labs entrepeneur, Ming Yeow Ng. The topic is "What benefits can your startup get by joining Dogpatch Labs compared to just leasing an office space at Pier 38?". My response is here - Ming's is below (and in full on Quora here):

"Let me focus on the 2 most important benefits:

1) Without a doubt, here is the most important benefit of DP: http://imgur.com/X2F4a

2) The second most important benefit is really people. It is no exaggeration to say that Dogpatch has easily one of the highest concentration of amazing people anywhere in the bay area. Let me explain why:

- Pool of great entrepreneurs who are top of their game.

Over the last few months, I got onto really good terms with a whole range of excellent entrepreneurs, like etherpad, cardpool, learnboost (amongst many others whom you might not have heard of) For example, I am totally digging having access to the Learnboost team - they are doing cutting edge magic around javascript, and mongodb, and it is amazing discussing these technologies with them. Another example is Rob from EggHaus, who is definitely one of the top few designers in the valley.

- Peers who can take shit and give you shit

Honestly, startup is tough. Overnight successes are fascinating, but most require grinding through several iterations. The group at Dogpatch are not random entrepreneurs - most of us have had our fair share of great successes and major failures. You would get blunt feedback about where you are fucking up and you would get lots of encouragement - cause everyone here knows there is no magic bullet.

- Streaming pool of top investors.

This is really up to you to make the best of it, but lots of top angel investors drop by the lab. Being part of the lab gives you credibility, and it makes getting to know these guys far easier.

- Great events right beside you.

Free beer, fun people within a 20 foot radius, twice a week.


I am actually really looking forward to doing a couple of fun things that hopefully improves the dynamics of the lab even more, like having a big whiteboard where I can pimp what i am good at, and ask for help for things i suck in. When those things gets embedded, i think the lab will be even more awesome. "