As we build out Dogpatch Labs Palo Alto and meet with potential residents, we have had the opportunity to reflect on Dogpatch Labs... which is now a little more than years old. Credit for this exercise should be given to Dave Barrett (blog here, twitter here) who wrote a great, thorough piece on and on his blog.

I encourage you to read the articles as they do a great job explaining Dogpatch Labs' history, operations and success. I'll repurpose the highlights here...

And if you are interested in applying to any of the four Dogpatch Labs locations, please do so here.

Some interesting numbers from across the 4 Lab communities:

- To date, over 350 emerging companies have been residents.

- Right now, there are more than 70 teams in the Labs.

- Team quality has never been higher & incredibly-interesting stuff is being worked on. The waiting lists in each location range from over 60 to over 100 interested teams.

- About 100 total DPL companies — or about one third — have received funding. Rounds have ranged from $100K to $10M.

-Over $140M in capital has been invested in @dogpatchlabs companies.

- So far, 15 more companies have been acquired by the likes of Google, PayPal, Trulia, BlackHawk, Buddy Media & others.

-So far, Polaris has invested in a little over 10% the total teams funded. That ratio feels great.

Read more: on and on his blog. Follow Dogpatch Labs: Twitter, Facebook, Blog Follow Polaris Ventures: Twitter, Facebook