Watching the Sprout channel with our son, a mini commercial aired for Pillow Pet's new product: Dream Lites. They announced a special Promo Code ("PROMO") that would save 25% off an order. This is a common way of driving purchases and tracking efficacy / sources.

The great consumer I am, I pulled up on my iPhone to find the following screenshot... which entirely negates the point of a promo code. It's a huge text promotion that says "Enter promo code DREAM to save 25%". What's the point?? If you are going to do this - might as well just say: regularly priced at $X. But now 25% off!


Worse yet, when tax and shipping are added up - the purchase price is actually more than the 25% off. Might as well promote free shipping with full price. Even at the same total price - and with a generous refund policy - that's more compelling because I get frustrated paying S&H (thanks to Amazon and others).