The tax of new thinking and building... I like that term set by Julie Zhuo on PandoDaily. The tax is not just the challenge of thinking and building... it's the challenge of shifting prior and current momentum (philosophically, emotionally, actually, etc). It's the challenge of placing yourself and your experiences onto unknown paths. But that is of course how any great idea occurs - not through incremental thinking but from the new.

"The tax that comes with introducing any new feature into your product is high. I cannot stress this enough. Sure, maybe the new feature isn’t hard to build, maybe it only takes a couple days and a handful of people, maybe it can be shipped and delivered by next week. And maybe the additional cognitive load for a user isn’t high — it’s just an extra icon here, after all, or an extra slot in a menu there. But once your new feature is out there, it’s out there. A real thing used by real people."

The tax of new.

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