Yesterday was the first saturday of college football's 2013-2014 season. And at ESPN, this is a holiday of sorts: from College Gameday (fun USA Today piece here) to the dozens of exclusive ESPN games available via Watch ESPN & ESPN3 on your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Using the Watch ESPN Apple TV app - I was able to watch the Duke football game on our family room TV. And while we have plenty of options (from TV to apps) for you to watch individual football games - we wanted to create an experience that shows the breadth of the day's activity. For that, we created the College Football Play Center which launched yesterday on's homepage and will reappear throughout college football saturdays. Scoring plays, highlights, and on-air clips will stream into the feed seconds after they occur on the field. In the screenshot below - you see sequential scoring plays from Texas A&M to Maryland to NC State. You can view top plays as they stream in - or dig in specifically to individual games.

college football homepage

college football homepage2