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Rockstar, 7-Eleven and Facebook Ads: Become a Fan, Get a Free Sample

Just last week, I wrote about Facebook and Chick-fil-A's new direct response ads. Other units are starting to pop-up and this example is particularly interesting.

The ad is for a "Free Can of Rockstar" Energy Drink by becoming a Facebook Fan and inputting your address. A couple things are of note:

1. The free Rockstar drink is tied to becoming a fan on Facebook. The fan acceptance actually is done in the background (when you click 'Get Free Sample', you are automatically a fan) 2. Facebook knows enough about you that the registration process is super easy. My city, address, name, etc are all automatically input. 3. You can virally share the free Rockstar drink... and this is a natural act as people love to gloat about savings and goodies! 4. This is done in conjunction with 7-Eleven... so the relationship and promotion are still significant for 7-Eleven, but the Facebook relationship is entirely with Rockstar