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Widgetbox Introduces Custom HTML Widget Tabs

Widgetbox's Blidget Pro continues to get feature enhancements. Last week we introduced two new features for Blidget Pros:1. Geographic & in-widget click tracking 2. Add/remove the Get Widget button

Today, we announced another exciting addition to the product:

Custom Blidget Pro Tabs

The custom tab enables you to add content to your widget that is not feed-based - meaning, you can add custom, formatted text, links and pictures directly inside your widget! With the custom tab, you are able to:

- Add text and images - Format that content: font size, color, alignment, etc - Create hyperlinks to promote your content and sites - Change the content on an ongoing basis... and have it automatically refresh across the web

You can see an example on my personal widget in the fourth tab:

If you already have a Blidget Pro, simply login to edit it and press the "Add a Tab" button. There is a new "Custom Tab" option within that menu.