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CES 2009: Three Gadgets I'm Already Craving

CES 2009 is in full swing and as interesting as the technology on parade is the mood at the conference. And while I'm not in Las Vegas, I have been following the trends, mood and gadgets from the web (namely blogs, Twitter and Facebook). Day one of CES '09 ended much like yesterday's MacWorld keynote: nothing game-changing... but some of tantalizing moments. Thanks to Gizmodo, here are the three gadgets that I'm already craving (and when the price tags are announced, I'll be cringing):

1. Linksys Wireless Home Audio System Streams All Around Your House

why: there is no great wireless audio system. This looks like it could be it. If this was out a couple months ago, perhaps I'd have purchased instead of the Bose Companion. More on Gizmodo

#2. Modbook Pro: 1/2 iPod Tablet, 1/2 MacBook Pro

Why: Simply put, I want an iPod Tablet. This looks like an amazing product... with an amazing price tag: $4,999. Totally unreasonable price - but it looks amazing. More on Gizmodo

#3. Eee Keyboard: Gorgeous Touchscreen Keyboard

Why: A slim keyboard with tons of ports and the equivalent of an iPod Touch attached to it. Amazed we haven't seen similar concepts yet. More on Gizmodo