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Dogpatch Labs Updates Heading into 2011

As we head into 2010 winds up and we head into 2011, there is a lot of terrific news coming out of Dogpatch Labs. Here is a sampling from just the last couple weeks in Dogpatch Labs San Francisco. Of course, I have missed several exciting updates... and I apologize! We look forward to a terrific 2011! There are several great new companies and entrepreneurs joining in January. Dogpatch Labs New York is currently taking applications (apply here) and you can always drop me a note for San Francisco here.

End of 2010 Dogpatch Labs Updates:

- Movity was acquired by Trulia earlier in the week (Movity is also a Polaris company). Read more...

- Instagram hit 1,000,000 users.

- Curated shopping site Everlane soft launched this week

- Trazzler launched a deal platform specifically for travel

- ChompOn launched a couple killer partners. Read more....

- Cardpool released a new marketplace version yesterday.

- Stickybits released a totally new iphone version to great brand feedback (Note: a Polaris company). Read more...

- released an enhanced version of, including full email integration (Note: a Polaris company)

- AllTrails has the #1 noteworthy iphone app in travel. Download here...

- Fanvibe released a new iphone version and NBA integration. Read more...

- Yardsellr and Formspring recently closed follow on rounds of funding. (Note: Formspring is a Polaris company) Read more here and here...

New Additions to Dogpatch Labs SF: Burbn, Cardpool, Formspring & More

I have been delinquent in updating this blog with recent additions to Dogpatch Labs San Francisco... so here are five companies that have taken home at Dogpatch Labs over the last couple months (and I'll try to provide more frequent updates!) Burbn is a new way to communicate + share in the real world.

Cardpool is a gift card exchange service where anyone can buy, sell, or trade their gift cards in a safe and secure environment.

Formspring: Ask questions, give answers and learn more about your friends..

ProfessionL centralizes all your recruitment management needs into one unified web-based software application that can be used by any business that recruits (including recruitment specialists).

Rosepad is an education platform for secondary schools.

Busy Two Weeks of Dogpatch Labs Launches

A very busy, productive week for Dogpatch Labs residents across the various locations. In the last few days, fivecompanies have gotten great coverage for their launching products: - Hollrr (San Francisco): Hollrr Takes Foursquare’s Badge Strategy, Pins It To Social Product Discovery - Cardpool (San Francisco): CardPool Wants To Buy And Sell Your Unused Gift Cards

- FanPulse (San Francisco): Trash Talk With Friends With FanPulse

- ScoopStreet (New York): Group Buying, Better Together

- GoodCrush (New York): Googlers Can Finally Find Their Parisian Love with GoogleCrush