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Widgetbox Partners with Atlassian & Confluence

atlassian-widgetbox Widgetbox is pleased to announce that you can now add their widgets to pages inside of Atlassian’s Confluence enterprise wiki. Confluence is the largest commercial wiki with over 7,000 enterprise customers worldwide. With this integration, Confluence users can quickly and easily add any of Widgetbox's 117,000 widgets to their wiki page, blog post or personal space.

Jay Simons, Atlassian’s VP of Marketing is really excited about the integration:

Our integration with Widgetbox is a great example of how wikis aren’t just for text anymore. Confluence customers want to add videos, slideshows, stock quotes and other dynamic content to their pages. By supporting Widgetbox, we’re giving our users access to an almost limitless amount of rich content.

Widgetbox has thousands of widgets to help business teams collaborate and stay informed. For example:

- A project team working toward a deadline can add a countdown widget to their project page.

- A company with offices around the globe might add an international clock widget to their Confluence dashboard.

- Or a salesperson might add LinkedIn badge or a SkypeMe widget to her Confluence personal space.

Confluence users can also make their own widgets with Widgetbox's Blidget and Blidget Pro tools. With these tools users can create custom, branded widgets from RSS feeds, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and other services. To see a demo of Confluence / Widgetbox integration in action, check out the video below:

To learn more about Atlassian and Confluence, please visit their website at or read their related blog post on Atlassian's Blog.

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