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CribCandy and Wists - I Can't Get Enough. Seriously.

In my move to San Francisco, I have relied heavily on blogs and shopping destinations like to furnish my place. I happened across and had two reactions:  1) I love this site. It's freaking awesome and I just wasted 15 minutes of my day viewing 200 different pages and products that:

a) I would have never found otherwise b) I definitely can't afford 

2) I want more.... CribCandy, part of, is web 2.0 while being stuck on web 0.5. There is no productive way to search. No browse paths other than a few tags and a previous / next button. There is no way to interact with other users and/or create my own Why can't I build my own home?  Why can't I showcase my own collection? And what if I want to showcase my unfinished room and gather input for what's needed?

I want to do all of those things - but can't. So instead, I am stuck viewing page after page of awesome product wondering why there isn't an awesome finding experience to match.  I guess I am looking for some combination of:CribCandy meets Polyvore meets Amazon meets StumbleUpon.