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Dell Mini 10 & Dell Adamo: Year of the Netbooks

I've written before that 2009 will be the year of the Netbook. As consumers get more accustomed to surfing the web on their cell phones, using online services (like Google Docs) and doing it on slim, portable devices - it makes sense that we will transition from larger, more powerful machines to Netbooks. And considering the economic climate, the significantly slimmer price is a major advantage.

A couple months ago, I previewed the Dell Mini 12 which in hindsight was better looking than it was functional (too little power and too slow).

But today, Engadget has write ups about two better Dell Netbooks: the Dell Mini 10 and the Dell Adamo. Though neither is as slick as the iPod Tablet I'm craving, both looks fantastic:

Dell Mini 10:

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Dell Adamo:

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