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The $700mm 3D Movie Conversion… Hollywood’s Scared of your Living Room

If you haven’t seen U2-3D movie yet – do yourself a favor and hurry to the local Imax. Not only was it superb, it is now the future of the movie industry (which I am very excited about).

Yesterday at the ShoWest conference in Las Vegas, news broke that a deal has been reached with major studios to equip more than 10,000 theater screens with 3-D digital technology. Disney, 20th Century, Paramount and NBC Universal will finance the effort and it is expected to cost around $700mm.

Very exciting as a consumer.

The most interesting part though is that the move suggests that the studios are increasingly afraid of our living rooms. As high end TVs have become more advanced, movies downloads have become rampant, and services like Netflix have made movie-watching ultra-convenient, Hollywood is clearly trying to produce a product that can’t be replicated by consumers. DreamWorks executive Jeffery Katzenberg said as much,

“Now is our chance to deliver something that is far superior than anything that can be done at home.”