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Egghaus Update: Locations, Roster & RSS

A couple updates on the new - First, we have added headers for each of the three Dogpatch Labs locations: Cambridge, New York and San Francisco. You can access all Dogpatch posts directly on, or follow news from your specific locale. - You can see a list of all Dogpatch residents by location... its a large and impressive list. I encourage you to take a look at the 'roster' and their various companies / websites!

- We have added a 'sidebar' with quick links to follow Dogpatch on Facebook, Twitter and via RSS.

More updates are coming soon. Again, thanks to Wordpress and Egghaus (a Dogpatch Labs resident!)

Announcing the New

We are very excited to announce the launch of the new Thanks to Egghaus (a Dogpatch San Francisco resident) and (a Polaris Ventures portfolio company) who helped design, implement and host the site, respectively. contains information about Dogpatch Labs, our residents, upcoming events and so forth. You will also find information from the Dogpatch Labs Facebook page and Twitter account.

You can also follow Dogpatch Labs via RSS and via email:

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