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TechCrunch 50 Enterprise: Yabber and Open Trace Are Winners

FairSoftware - revenue sharing / structuring for small companies Yammer - think Enterprise Twitter. Very slick UI. Reminds me of a slicker Trac / Collab. I love it. Very simple presentation but the product makes a ton of sense and I am really impressed. Going to be tough to beat Yammer in the enterprise group.

Connective Logic - 'scale on demand'

OpenTrace - tracing environmental impact of products and items. fascinating with remarkable UI but it is very complex and I am not sure what the use case is (manufacturers or consumers). Nonetheless, they have developed a fascinating system / product.

Marc Andreesen: "all the stuff that is going to work in public world will make its way into companies." Right on.

Marc Benioff: FairSoftware needs more robust product because they claim to be very broad. If you built this on our [] platform, we'd sell this. I like Yabber the best. Name is not corporate to match the product. I would invest in this. OpenTrace is powerful and serves a major need - needs a consumer interface (Marc echoed that as well) - killer app for the next decade.

Everyone loves the OpenTrace product and "killer app" has been used twice. It's unique, innovative and important. I am not convinced that it will have widespread usage (or a use-case) - but everyone likes their chances.