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Flip Video Offers "Flip Facebook $15.00 Coupon" to Encourage Becoming a Fan

Last week, I described an emerging trend of brands incenting Facebook users to become fans through unique coupons, offers, etc. Flip Video, who is approaching 100,000 Facebook fans, has started a Facebook Ad campaign that offers fans a savings of $15.00 (officially called the "Flip Facebook $15 Coupon"). The offer runs through November 30th and is promoted aggressively in the Facebook ad unit:

flip ad on facebook coupon If you arrive on the Flip fan page and are not a fan, you see a unit promoting a "secret link" to the right which is only revealed to Facebook fans:

flip incentive coupon

Become a fan, and the secret offer appears:

flip mino special offer

It's not the most elegant implementation, but it seems to work. And we know that:

- users love coupons and expect special offers

- Flip can market aggressively to the connections of their 100,000 fans

- New offers and promotions can be pushed to the fans beyond November 30th and across new products... in other words, the $15.00 is as much a user acquisition cost as it is a direct sales generator