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Happy Island Promotes Facebook Credits in Marketing

It was a big week for Facebook Credits:- Facebook Apps that Exclusively Use Credits Now Featured on Games Dashboard (Friday) - Facebook’s Increasing Focus on Credits Prompts Developer Speculation (Thursday) - PayPal Integration Shows Facebook Wants to Play in Currency, Partner for Payments (Thursday)

Today I noticed a premium Facebook ad from the popular game Happy Island (I believe) that specifically focuses on Facebook Credits. Interesting because the marketing is entirely around Facebook Credits - which suggests that Credits themselves are effective at clickthroughs and conversions. Of course it might also be that Credits give the appearance of more direct Facebook integration or support and therefore garner more user interest:

When you click through, you land directly on the Happy Island page and realize how hard developers must fight for user actions. Much of the viewable screen is taken over by a request for your email address and then for a positive review (particularly common in iPhone Apps). Considering Happy Island has 12,000,000+ actives, you have to believe they are savvy enough to have determined that these placements are more effective upfront than after a player has become engaged in the game: