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Retailers' Surprisingly Good Mobile Experience - Rubio's Example

You probably don't think of Rubio's (the fish taco fast food chain) as a leader in web / mobile innovation... but the below example is well done and really should be more widely adopted. Background: after seeing someone drink from a Rubio's cup, I asked where the closest location was? Neither of us knew... so I went to on my iPhone expecting to search their standard website for the "locations" page. Rather, they automatically detected that I was on a mobile device and prompted me to provide my location - which they then used to display the nearest Rubio's restaurants. Rubios is using Know-Where Systems to run the web application. While the experience is rather simplistic - you can imagine building a more robust one aimed at mobile users. Clearly location is a key lever there... but couponing, nutrition, hours, etc are all examples of content aimed specifically at mobile users.