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MOJO HD... MOJO is Almost Awesome

After hearing rave reviews from many friends, I gave MOJO HD a shot (a new all-HD TV channel)... and you know what? It's really good. The programming is v smart, different than anything that's available elsewhere and is all available in HD.

My favorite show is Start-Up Junkies - which follows Ron Wiener and Earth Class Mail (an intriguing Seattle start up that Russell has raved about since launch). Wall Street Warriors and Bobby G: Adventure Capitalist are also great.

... But, for a brand that is selling itself as intelligent and cutting-edge, MOJO ironically doesn't cooperate with DVRs - see MOJO doesn't tag their programs with episode-level data....

resulting in Comcast's inability to decipher what episodes are new / reruns... causing my DVR to record *every* MOJO show... causing my DVR to overwrite all my other non-MOJO programming...

Come on MOJO! You record all of your content in HD and you make all of your online content embeddable. Clearly you are tech savvy... so start tagging your programs as either "new" or "reruns". I beg you!