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Netflix's Fascinating Cancellation Questionnaire

I love Netflix. - They have revolutionized the way we think about movies and media - They have created a slew of new company ideas and models: "the Netflix for XYZ" - They have defined streaming content and challenged a traditional, massive industry - They should be credited with making new platforms and devices desirable: iPhone, Android, Google TV, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Wii, etc - And they are brilliant marketers with a terrific recurring model ... but after years of being a Netflix subscriber, I recently canceled my account. The reason is very simple: Netflix Instant doesn't have enough depth / inventory. We have watched the handful of documentaries that Netflix has (by far their most impressive category) and I even wrote a semi-popular Quora answer to which Instant movies are best: Exit Through the Gift Shop, Man on Wire, The Modernism of Julius Shulman, The King of Kong, The Universe of Keith Haring, Beer Wars, This Film Is Not Yet Rated, Food, Inc., Bigger, Stronger, Faster.

But the catalog hasn't expanded. Meanwhile, Comcast and Redbox have delivered great products / experiences (Redbox is a short-term business - but as a consumer it is absolutely delightful, cheap and easy). The future is clearly the Netflix Instant / streaming model - but it requires a worthy catalog to justify ~$100-$175 / year.

So I canceled my account.... with the hope that I will return as the catalog grows. Good news: Netflix keeps your queue and preferences in tact so that restarting is easy. Maybe they shouldn't do that - but I appreciate it and it certainly helps conversions for re-started memberships.

The most interesting part of the cancellation was the questionnaire (shown below in full). The attention to competition is fascinating: Comcast, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, bit torrents, piracy, etc are all mentioned. Also noteworthy are the answers to the question "why are you canceling?" One answer is "I have an Internet usage cap (or monthly download limit) and using Netflix puts me close to or over the limit." Unfortunately, over the next few years, I worry this will be an increasingly selected answer...

It is absolutely worth browsing the questions and available answers:

Favorite TV Commercials Of the Moment (Including a Dogpatch Labs Star!)

Since having our first child just a month ago, we have had the television on more than normal (particularly the first couple weeks!). Between baby bouncing / feeding and laptop / email ... the TV has been running in the background and these five commercials standout (four appearing regularly during prime time television). And one includes a special highlight: the star is a Dogpatch Labs NYC original!

Jawbone's Jambox

Simple product that is so useful: bluetooth streaming audio. It's the same product that is in new car technologies: stream your music (iPod, Pandora, etc), make speaker calls, and so forth. The commercial does a great job of showcasing the various use cases... and does so in a hip, fun way. Love the product and absolutely want one =)

Note: this is the one commercial that I have NOT seen on television (just internet)

Call of Duty Black Ops

If you aren't familiar with Call of Duty, you should be: last year's title was the biggest media launch of all time... and this year the title sold $650,000,000 in games within the first five days - eclipsing last year's sales of $550,000,000.

Like the NFL training camp commercial, the theme is online gameplay, community, and that anyone can be a star. It also sprinkles in various celebrities with some clever humor: Jimmy Kimmel's handel is Proud Noob and Kobe Bryant's is Mamba).

Chad Ocho Cinco NFL Training Camp

Between Microsoft Kinect, Playstation Move, Nintendo Wii, etc, gaming has become physical. This is a clever take on that trend with some Rocky-inspiration. I also like how the commercial includes the game's online access and social 'network':

Target Black Friday

Nothing special here, but I am a sucker for Rocky montages... which this is based on. Just very funny:

Your Second Shot TV: Barcelona

And here is my favorite: Dogpatch Labs NYC original Daniel Gruneberg (of Zozi). The first time I saw this commercial, I did a double-take!

Your Second Shot is an ongoing project to help recreate and recapture people's moments that were lost to a bad photograph. On a trip to Barcelona, Sofia discovered the café where her parents first met. But her only photograph of that moment came out blurry. So we took her back to the magical city for a second shot.

Your Second Shot TV: Barcelona from Dentsu America on Vimeo.