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Join Offline Labs: Exciting Company, Exceptional Team.

At Dogpatch Labs, there is a coincidental tradition of hosting companies with "Labs" in the name: Thing Labs, Formative Labs, Schematic Labs, Lumber Labs, etc. The most recent is Offline Labs, a company that we are excited to now be a part of (alongside General Catalyst, Redpoint, Sequoia and handful of great angel investors). You can read more about Offline Lab's seed round here on TechCrunch. Offline Labs was founded by three former Slide and Google employees: Rishi Mandal, Rod Begbie, and Vivek Patel. They are building Sōsh - a way for people to discover and share great activities: "Curated activities. Exclusive events & deals. Members-only access."

Two important action items:

1. Join the Team

Offline Labs is hiring and looking for stellar individuals who will be exceptional teammates. If you are interested, find more information here or email me directly.

2. Join the Product

Sōsh is launching soon and I think you'll find it as exciting as I do. Join the invite list at