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Old Navy Commercial + Shazam = Hidden Content

Old Navy is currently running a TV ad that features the song Super C-U-T-E by Audio Threadz (a song and band seemingly created for the campaign). You'll notice the "Shazam Now" icon that appears in the corner and prompts viewers to use the mobile app to discover who the unknown band is:

Considering how often the commercial is on TV (the YouTube video alone has ~2m views), it is great co-branding for Shazam. It is also an interesting integration for Old Navy - who can use the promotion to unlock 'rewards': 1. a custom Shazam landing page / experience (fun) 2. the commercial's song (free) 3. "shop the look" - interestingly the commercial does not tout specific products... this reveals the merchandise

But imagine delivering discounts / benefits to users for actions like a Facebook 'like', an email confirmation, some other social sharing mechanism, etc. While most advertisements will not include a custom song and Shazam experience - it represents the power of delivering immediate content and value via the mobile device. We have seen it with check-ins, bar-codes and QR codes, coupons, etc... now it's coming to TV ads in more interesting / powerful way than "follow us at".