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TechCrunch Advertising Session: OtherInbox Popular, CopyBox Interesting

CopyBox - dynamic ads created with APIs / intelligence. They aren't focused on small business - they are instead focused on ad agencies. *If they could focus on small business and make it consumer fronting*... I love it and it would have saved me hours (while improving conversions) while running paid search on Kijiji and beRecruited. Seems like a Google acquisition - scales ad building immensely.

Adgregate Markets - In-widget commerce including the entire transaction.

AdRocket - targeted ad engine for emails and delivery. Will it get through Spam filters? My non-advertising ads don't even go through routinely... major hurdle here.

OtherInbox - email organization tool to move the clutter from your primary inbox to your "other" inbox. Seems pretty slick but I am not sure that I would actually check back and get to those 'archived' emails. I guess its a blessing and a curse. Great presenter. The audience seems to *really* like the product - a third of the audience raised their hand when asked if they would buy the product.