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Pay Per Media Launches - Super High CPMs... Arbitrage Opportunity?

I have a friend who operates about five websites - from real estate to sports news to social gossip. He has been talking up Pay Per Media for *weeks* and is super excited to exploit the high CPMs that they promise ($10.00-$20.00 CPMs).

My gut reaction is the same as TechCrunch's -

1) why did it take so long for someone to try this? 2) more importantly, this is going to be wildly annoying 3) what happens if your computer is on mute? I have to imagine that most office computers are defaulted to mute or have headphones plugged in...?

But here is a one take on it:

My friend's point is pretty simple: shouldn't it be pretty simple to exploit Pay Per Media pretty clearly through arbitrage?

* Buy traffic at minimal CPC rates * Have Pay Per Media always turn on (who cares if they never return - this is purely for arbitrage) * The landing page will additionally have content and some AdSense or CPM banners... any traditional advertising is gravy at that point