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Amazon PayPhrase: Incentivizing Growth with 5% Cashback to Use

PayPhrase is an attempt to easily enable off-Amazon merchants to easily integrate Amazon identity, purchasing and shipping; and, it is clear that Amazon considers PayPhrase a strategic priority. Perhaps PayPhrase is a foward-thinking response to Facebook Connect and the much anticipated Facebook payments platform (whatever it initially and ultimately looks like). Perhaps it is the next wave of growth (ala PayPal). What is Amazon PayPhrase?

PayPhrase is an easy-to-remember shortcut to shipping and payment information in your account. Use it for Express Checkout at and across the web.

Why Should I Use a PayPhrase?

Privacy: Shop securely across the web without sharing your credit card. Express Checkout: Speed through checkout without having to sign in. Parental controls: Let teens shop online within limits you set.

On Amazon, PayPhrase is being heavily promoted - both in traditional ad placements and as an appetizing "special offer" of 5% cashback:

amazon payphrase Off Amazon, PayPhrase has even bigger discounts. Below is a 10% off on purchased made with PayPhrase on, Jockey, DKNY, Patagonia and other major merchants also enabled PayPhrase in time for holiday shopping:

amazon payphrase on cartoys

jockey amazon payphrase