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Adam Carolla Sets Podcast World Record: 550,000+ Downloads of Single Podcast

When Adam Carolla started his new podcast series, I wrote that radio and satellite radio was officially dead... why would talent like Adam Carolla stick with those formats when they can reach instant success via podcasting?

A week later... the data is even more overwhelming:

- Carolla set a world record for podcast downloads with over 550,000 to a single podcast (Carolla with ESPN host Dave Damechek) - Carolla is averaging 2,000,000 downloads per week (thats 400,000 per show) - He still hasn't fully figured out the format - the sound quality varies and the website is still amazingly simple

This is great news for consumers:

- I get access to daily content that is available commercial free and on-demand - Carolla is clearly happy, excited and engaged... and he's producing great content - Much like the way the web moves, podcasting does a great job of introducing listeners to other content providers / sources. Dave Damechek's subscription rate must be through the roof... and so it moves serendipitously - Apple and iTunes are making it easier to download podcasts via wifi on the iPhone - making it even easier to subscribe

And most importantly, Carolla's podcasting success means that he will find financial success through the format - which in turn means that he will continue and others will follow. We all win.