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Apply for Seed Start New York City (Feb 28 Deadline!)

Polaris is excited to be participating in this summers Seed Start program, alongside a crew of outstanding folks and leaders. If you are currently based in New York or interested in spending an accelerated summer there, I encourage you visit, learn more and apply:

Consider Applying for the Seed Start Accelerator Program in NYC

Apply today - and hurry, applications are due soon: February 28! Applications are due by February 28, 2010. We will notify finalists by March 15, 2010. We are accepting applications here.

What Is It?

NYC SeedStart is an 8-week summer program designed to provide seed funding for technology teams to build a product and launch their company. We will give up to 10 teams a small amount of funding, space, and mentorship in exchange for a small piece of equity in whatever they build. We do not expect companies, we expect entrepreneurs and hackers who are passionate about their product. If selected, you can spend a summer building your product, freed from thinking about office space or living expenses and with access to our network for help. At the end of the summer, groups will present their work to investors with the hope of finding additional funding.

SeedStart is a joint effort among:

Contour Venture Partners IA Ventures NYC Seed Polaris Venture Partners RRE Ventures Fish and Richardson Manatt, Phelps and Phillips SVB Financial Group

The Specifics

We offer $20,000 to up to 10 teams (minimum 2 people, maximum 4 people). In exchange for this, we will receive 5% equity stake in your company. At the end of every summer we will convene a panel of NYC-based investors and provide the opportunity for SeedStart companies to present their projects.

Why SeedStart?

Extremely early-stage money and guidance for young entrepreneurs and hackers is hard to find. NYC is an expensive place to live and we want to help smart entrepreneurs who live in NYC get going.

No Better Time

We believe there is no better time to start a company in NYC.