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Shutterfly's Wink Gets Packaging Right

Wink is Shutterfly's new service that allows users to create "personalized photostrips" with pictures from Facebook, Flickr, and the iPhone (there is also an iPhone app). Photostrips are customizable, arrive in a few days and cost $2.50 each... shipped anyhwere in the world. The product and the creation experience are fun and hip - think Moo Cards meets Facebook meets photo booths. The most impressive part though is the packing - which exudes the Wink brand and experience in a very creative, efficient package.

The package arrives with Wink's big branding and the 'envelope' is heavy enough to protect the filmstrip:

When you open the envelope, you are welcomed by Wink with an overview of the service - and your filmstrip, receipt and shipping label pop right out. For protection, the filmstrip is placed in between the receipt and label. Everything is glossy, tightly packed and cleverly put together.