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Announcing the SportsCenter Feed for iPhone & iPad

This is the first of a few posts on ESPN's product launches / updates. You can view them all in three places:, and on this blog. I am late to announce the launch of ESPN's newest mobile application, The SportsCenter Feed. The Feed launched for Christmas and is available in iOS for both iPhone and iPad. The Feed delivers personalized news across ESPN's vast array of the content: articles, blogs, videos, highlights, scores, radio, podcasts and more. In addition to general themes like Top News, league specific and video only - fans can access and create personalized feeds by logging in with either their ESPN or Facebook accounts.

The SportsCenter Feed is the perfect compliment for our other core applications: - Feed for news, commentary, highlights, etc - ScoreCenter for scores, gamecasts and alerts - WatchESPN for streaming content, video and games - ESPN Radio for streaming audio and podcassts

These applications will begin to be better integrated and speak to one-another more deeply and relevantly.

Please download the SportsCenter Feed and send your feedback. We are designing and developing the next versions - so your input in welcome and timely.

For iPhone:

scorecenter ipad

For iPad:

sportscenter feed iphone

And afront the iTunes store:

ipad app