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TechCrunch Session 2: Dotspots, Angstro, Live Hit and StockMood

Dotspots - a lot like BlogRovr (which I love)

Angstro - 'news about your network'... could use some UI but very useful assuming your friends are in the news. Not sure market size is here. The demo was on Robert Scoble and he's not the common web presence. The product's search intelligence does look quite powerful / unique.

Live Hit: Buzz word overflow!

StockMood: Like the concept a lot but its a tough economic environment to launch in. Might be scalable into other mediums.

Marissa: I love Dotspots. Very ambitious undertaking. I think there will be business model issues - but I like the idea. Angstro is interesting (we know Google Alerts is person-watching driven) but major business model issue. Live Hit has a UI issue - too much hunting and pecking. I have to do too much work to find the interesting content. Stock Mood is an interesting "mash up" but my concern is whether an audience exists.

Cnet: Dotspot has an interesting feature that is important for the web. StockMood is a simply a fetaure. Angstro is an 'interesting feature that LinkedIn could probably use'.

We've now heard CNet call Dotspot, Angstro and StockMood features and Marissa call StockMood a mash-up.

Conway: the big question for each of you is how will you monetize the sites? It's a big issue.

Major theme thus far is the difference between a feature and a destination / core service. And, tied closely to that, the ability to monetize. The panel doesn't seem overly bullish on any.