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Vitaminwater Connect: 100,000 Free Bottles Via Facebook

Vitaminwater has introduced its newest flavor: Vitaminwater Connect (named after Facebook Connect)... and they are giving away 100,000 free bottles of Connect to their 1.2 million Facebook fans. If you remember, over the last few months, Vitaminwater ran a major Facebook campaign that allowed fans to create their own flavors and vote on the best concoctions: "made by fans, for fans on Facebook": The announced flavor is Vitaminwater Connect... which will arrive in stores shortly and carry the Facebook logo on it:

As it prepares to hit shelves, Vitaminwater is giving away free bottles to the first 100,000 Facebook fans who request one. Users request their free bottle via their fan page and the coupon "tab":

Once you request the bottle, two interesting things happen:

1. you are encouraged to share your discovery to your Facebook friends... which is how I found this offer

2. you receive a confirmation page that also changes the fan page's logo to denote that you have accepted the offer (notice the "request accepted" portion of the graphic)

As we have seen time and time again, people love offers, samples and customized 'stuff' (product, content, etc). With the Connect flavor campaign, Vitaminwater has effectively crowdsourced the flavor, marketing and launch.

Hurry and get your free bottle by becoming a fan at