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Seesmic Desktop: Every Marketer Should Use It

There is no arguing that Twitter is a powerful marketing lever. There is also no arguing that Twitter can be remarkably noisy and difficult to navigate (in part because of the presence of so many marketers).... And that is where Seesmic Desktop comes in. Let me first make the assumption that, as an online marketer, you already use Twitter. Second, I will assume that your main interests are one or several of the following:

1. Growing a community of followers 2. Tracking discussions of your brand / website across the web (not just on Twitter) 3. Interacting with relevant Twitterers (either publicly or privately) 4. Receiving real-time notifications based on set alerts (keywords, retweets, etc) 5. Doing everything efficiently Seesmic Desktop does all of these things - and most importantly - efficiently. My main struggle with Twitter as a consumer is noisiness - sifting through all of the activity is downright difficult and time consuming.

seesmic desktop

With Seesmic, I am able to manage my followers, get real-time access to their stream, monitor activity for Widgetbox, define a list of searches and userlists, and respond from multiple accounts. It is a powerful utility for customer support, brand surveying and promotion.

Other apps exist - but I haven't found another that compares to Seesmic in functionality and ease of use. Go ahead - cut through Twitter's noise by downloading Seesmic Desktop.

My only complaint - I want Facebook integration (badly!). Perhaps it is coming after Facebook's most recent announcement for app developers?!