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Is Mahalo's Growth Coming From Video Games?

Mahalo has grown very nicely over last two quarters and, according to Quantcast, now reach over 800,000 uniques monthly. While my searching behavior still starts at Google and goes to Wikipedia for informational needs - I find myself using Mahalo for topics that are either: 1) very current (Google still struggles breaking news within results sets - see American Idol finalists) 2) wide but shallow (lots of content but no definitive / authoritative leader)

Apparently users agree that for Mahalo works for video games searches (which work for both of the above bullets). Below are the top 20 Mahalo pages - 13 of which are gaming related. And if you look at Quantcast's related websites, there is a theme of gaming (see below).

Mahalo has a video games hub, but it might make sense to create / pursue a deeper video game portal or network (Wikia is experimenting there).

Gaming Information Affinity 14.2x 12.2x 10.7x 10.0x

Top 20 Mahalo Pages

  1. Lost Odyssey Walkthrough
  2. Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough
  3. Pavlik Taylor Live Coverage
  4. Debbie Clemens Photos
  5. Guitar Hero 3 Wii Cheats
  6. Guitar Hero III Cheats
  7. How to Play Guitar for Newbies
  8. 2008 Grammy Performances
  9. Net Gun
  10. Turok Xbox 360 Walkthrough
  11. Penumbra Black Plague Walkthrough
  12. Bush Tax Rebate 2008
  13. Guitar Hero 3 Song List
  14. Halo 3 Armor
  15. Guitar Hero 3 Xbox 360 Cheats
  16. 2 Girls, 1 Cup
  17. The Simpsons Game Walkthrough
  18. Halo 3 Skulls
  19. Pokemon Crater
  20. David Tarloff