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Dogpatch Labs San Francisco Additions & Updates

For South by Southwest 2011, we constructed a two-day long Dogpatch Labs SXSW and, over that period, hosted 100s of entrepreneurs. It was a lot of fun and a big success (TheStreet, Inc, NY Observer, etc).

The weekend also reminded me that there are a handful of exciting new companies who have recently joined Dogpatch Labs SF (see all here) and a couple great launches / announcements from former residents:

New Dogpatch Labs SF Residents

Adility is an offers platform for advertisers, publishers and developers. Adility has three core products: OffersApp for advertisers and brands, OffersDB for publishers and developers, and OffersAgency for sales teams. (Business Insider coverage)

ChartBoost: get your iPhone apps into the ranks.

MyPad is the best way to view Facebook on the iPad. It's been downloaded over 3,000,000 times. (TechCrunch coverage)

Truvie: We're a passionate team working on a building out-of-the-box hyper local solutions that will shape the future of web and mobile fraud detection, targeted advertising and content geo-fencing.

Yobongo is a mobile communication startup currently in private beta testing. The keys to the service are location, realtime, and identity. (TechCrunch coverage)

News from Recent Dogpatch Labs SF Graduates

SoundTracking: share the soundtrack to your life. (TechCrunch coverage)

Wild Pockets is an end to end solution that supports creators throughout the life cycle of 3D game development (Update:acquired by Autodesk)

Mashable's SXSW Potential Breakout Apps: 3/13 are Dogpatch Labs Companies

As South by Southwest approaches, start-ups are polishing their applications and planning their launch parties. And today Mashable listed the "13 Potential Breakout Apps to Watch at SXSW 2011". Of the thirteen companies to watch, three are Dogpatchers: Also - a reminder that we will have Dogpatch Labs SXSW Sunday and Monday. If interested, click here to learn more or email me directly for more information. Several of us will be present!

- Yobongo (Dogpatch SF)

- Fast Society (Dogpatch NYC)

Fast Society Version 2 Launch from Fast Society on Vimeo.

- Instagram (Dogpatch SF)