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Amazon's New Footer a Reminder of Amazon's Focus on Verticalization & Digital Avenues

Amazon has been rolling out a redesign over the last couple months. I have discussed the homepage's new navigation and promotional units. One small, interesting note is their new footer (shown below). Notice how many properties - and how diverse they are - are part of Amazon. If the header signifies a shift from product to digital (as discussed here), the footer signifies both that (Askville, Audible, CreateSpace, DPRreview, IMDB, etc) and a focus on verticalized experiences (ie Wag, Soap, Diapers, Woot, Yo-yo, Shopbop, Zappos, etc).

Zappos Security Breach a Reminder that Facebook is the Web's Identity

The Zappo's security breach of a couple weeks ago was a reminder that your online passwords, data and activity are vulnerable... and to change your passwords often! For me, it was a reminder of another sort and crystallized my latest thinking around Facebook & its role on the web. Facebook is obviously a social network. But it has become something different over time... something arguably more important: it is an identity network. Facebook is the identity thread that connects people, content, data, logins, etc. Whether your Facebook social activity has increased or decreased over time - I guarantee your 'social exhaust' has increased. By that I mean: you may post to your Facebook feed regularly - but you are likely using Facebook to access, use and improve the rest of the web.

So how does this relate to Zappos' security breach? Simple: much of this would be avoided if my account was fully tied to Facebook. No new passwords would be exchanged / needed. Changing my single password (and having a long, unique password) would be so much easier if it were just my Facebook account.

For Zappos, this doesn't mean that they are ceding control of their users - they can still supplement accounts & details. Rather, it means outsourcing identity to Facebook... and that has some big benefits.

Zappos Marketing: Surprises & Delights

It's no surprise that Zappos:1) pays attention to customer service 2) markets to and communicates with customers well Below is a great example of both... it's also an example of "surprising and delighting" customers - a core mission that I believe should be baked into product and marketing strategies. When designing experiences, products and messages, the goal should be to delight your users, who in turn, become engaged brand advocates.

After a recent purchase (in which I did not opt for expedited shipping), Zappos "surprised and delighted" upgraded shipping in a clever, cute note. Few brands deliver upgraded service (surprise) and fewer communicate with fun, on-brand messaging (delight):