In the web 2.0 conversations, is rarely mentioned - yet Art could be considered the Amazon + eBay of prints and posters. They have massive inventory, affordable prices, and have mastered shipping (think Amazon for large, fragile items). I have several framed pieces from in my home, but have always wanted to test their "Photos to Art" functionality. I uploaded one of my favorite photos and placed it on a 24x36 Matte Canvas. The painting came one week later and I was very impressed by the quality - especially considering that the total bill was $150 (after playing a 20% coupon I found online).

A couple pieces of feedback:

* The options for sizing are limited - especially if you shoot photos on an SLR because there is only one large wide-'screen' print

* I opted for canvas with no frame. I prefer simple, single-color frames - Art's selection is too gaudy for me

* It is really difficult to gage the quality of the print. Art needs to improve their 'preview' functionality. $150 isn't expensive for a high-quality print - but I believe consumers won't spend more than $50 with open questions (quality, security, shipping, etc). eBay is a great example: buyers don't think twice for lower priced items (I don't even check seller feedback for items <$50) but, at a certain price point, buyers rethink all aspects (feedback, shipping costs, etc).

* Add community and affiliate revenue to the site... Now that I've uploaded and received my print, give me a simple "Add to Gallery" / "Sell Your Print" button. Let me set the price of my print, add it to Art's gallery and make money off my photos. Not only would I be excited as a 'seller' - as a buyer, I would actually prefer to buy other artist's work that standard prints (that's why I enjoy Etsy).