I've spent a lot of time as a Google publisher and advertiser, and I am continually amazed by what they are able to accomplish for the small-medium sized business. It has never been easier to drive traffic to your site - and to make money from that traffic (albeit, not tons of money)... and Google takes a cut from both ends.

I've had more success with AdSense than most other networks (though TribalFusion and FM Publishing have been strong) - but I was excited to use this blog as a testbed:

* It covers a variety of topics, including technology (which I haven't experimented with in terms of ECPM / EPC) * It's brand new - so Google would have to hurry to index

So far, the results have been mixed. Google clearly confuses me with Ryan Adams (url and metas I suppose), is spot on in the Xobni post with ads to Google Mobile and Microsoft products, and utterly confused with anything San Francisco related (showcasing environmental toilet banners). That said, the eCPM has been very high and I've been pleasantly surprised by the click-through rates.