Can web traffic and data determine the likely outcome of the 2008 election primaries? I put each of the major candidates through Quantcast and the results are quite revealing. The charts below are estimated 'unique users per month' and it should be on an apples-to-apples basis because none of these candidates are truly web 2.0 / dorky enough to actually 'Quantify' their websites. If you look at both the aggregate numbers and the traffic growth, the results are pretty phenomenal. Mitt Romney, for instance, has seen significant, rapid growth while Hilary Clinton has the largest aggregate numbers - but her traffic is actually declining.

Ron Paul is famous for his web popularity (just read the front page of Digg at any given moment) - and that translates into larger overall numbers than Romney, but his traffic is steadily growing while Mitt's is surging.

The biggest surprise is Hilary Clinton - clearly she has the biggest brand name, but to have declining traffic during the primary season is an awful indicator!

Mitt Romney

Ron Paul

John McCain

Hilary Clinton

Barack Obama