I wrote earlier about Google's bizarre AdSense behavior on this blog. Tonight, I noticed another strange occurrence which appears to be a new feature that Google AdSense in testing.

Tonight, I added an open air, text 468x60 unit atop the single posts. (As an aside, it took about 45 minutes for Google to start serving ads on the site - far longer than regular!). On the very first instance that the unit appeared, a "More Ads" link appeared in bold directly next to the Google logo on the bottom right corner. I had never seen this before. I pressed refresh about 30 times until I saw it happen again - making me comfortably confirm that this is a test.

Google AdSense Test

The More Ads link arrived at a very strange page that had nothing but two units appear on it (essentially the same ad unit on a blank page). I have included a screen shot below. It's remarkably strange because you would expect the page to have, clearly, more ad placements than what had appeared on the initial viewing. But rather than a AdWords-only search results page, I get two units on a blank page. Bizarre.

AdSense New Unit

Has anyone else had this appear? How does the 'More Ads' convert compared to normal blocks? And do you get paid on a click on the 'More Ads' text?