Yesterday, the Duke Chronicle (Duke's daily newspaper) released an article about beRecruited's growth and the 2,000,000th recruiting connection we recently passed. While the article has some inaccuracies, it was quite gratifying for both Russell Cook and myself to have been written about (unsolicited by the way!) by our alma mater's paper... after all, it was while at Duke that beRecruited was conceived and it was operated in our shared dorm room in the Wayne Manor house for two years.

Alumni-run Recruiting Site Hits 2M Recruiting Connections

It started as a service for swimmers looking to contact college coaches. Now it's the largest online college recruiting service and athletic scholarship network in the nation.

Founded by Ryan Spoon, Trinity '03, recently exceeded two million athlete-coach connections and reached 135,000 registered users.

In January 2000, the goal of then-freshman Spoon, a breaststroker on the swimming team, was to make recruitment more efficient for high school athletes.

Teaming up with friend Russell Cook, Pratt '04, the result was

Prior to the creation of the Web site, the recruitment process was tedious for student athletes who had to look up the contact information of individual coaches, Spoon said.

"I had gone through the process myself and realized that it was massively inefficient," he said. "This was before Facebook and MySpace. There was no place to create online profiles." ... Read more