I am starting a new project called sfEntrepreneurs.com - a young entrepreneurs organization where members collectively incubate, invest and operate the web business we choose to pursue. Every member of the organization will be an effective partner - invested in the business, a strong contributor and a significant shareholder. Our first kick off is tomorrow, January 27th and I’d love to have you be a part of it. We will discuss business and organization ideas and take the first steps at moving forward. Please let me know if you are interested and able to attend. Website: www.sfentrepreneurs.com Kick-off event: Sunday January 27th @ 5pm Please RSVP to me!

Qualifications: - live in the Bay Area - web 2.0 experience and savvy - ability to commit weekly effort and time - willingness to help fund the business (typically $500-$5,000 depending on desired equity & total partners)