I've written before about Twitter and how I wonder about their longevity considering that I NEVER visit Twitter.com. A couple thoughts since that post:

1) Twitter has been down a lot recently (and it's gotten a ton of blog coverage). Twitter is still not working with Gtalk and I therefore haven't gotten any updates for several days... and you know what? I've existed just fine, haven't once logged in to Twitter.com, and will patiently wait until it starts working on my blackberry again.

2) I was excited to use the new Google / Twitter MashUp for Super Tuesday precisely because it leverages what Twitter knows best: cultural trending according to their 1,000s of users. Frankly, I am very disappointed with the integration though as it is nothing more than an open search for candidate names. The results are 1,000s of tweets with such insightful commentary as "I'm down with Obama."

That's not useful.

For this to be successful, it must be insightful.

For it to be insightful, it would have to assign weight or credence to certain power users or power tweets... just as Google did when it created their search algorithm and assigned PageRank values.

Twitter 2008 Election

For better options on tracking Super Tuesday, read Read Write Web's list of options.