I purchased a Playstation 3 to go along with my new 1080p-capable television specifically to play Blu-Ray movies. In fact, I've had the system for a couple months now and don't own a single game for it. I am not a big video game player as: 1) I don't have the patience to make play games that require hours and hours to complete 2) I don't have the cleverness to beat non-sports games (even Mario Galaxy is too complex for me) 3) I'm just not very good at first-person games (which really started with N64's GoldenEye and is now nearly every non-sports title)

But my Andrew Machado loaned Uncharted: Drakes Fortune to me and convinced me that I had to try it - if for no reason other than to demonstrate the PS3's capabilities.

Simply put - it's stunning. Uncharted looks and moves like a movie. Graphically, it's astonishing. The game moves seamlessly without scene-by-scene loading delays. The audio is terrific and the game movements are fluid and natural.

While I likely won't beat Uncharted (for the reasons stated above) - I am incredibly impressed by the machine and the game.

Images from Kotaku