I have been a TeleNav subscriber for close to a year now and have turned many friends on the service. I also have had Google Maps Mobile installed on my Blackberry since it launched. I find myself using them at different points and for different needs - and while I prefer TeleNav, I am actually canceling my subscription to the service... here's is a breakdown of the services and why:

- Google Maps is free; TeleNav is $9.99 / month

- Google Maps gives you directions from the inputted location; TeleNav gives complete directions based on your movements. Directions come with street view maps, are spoken clearly by the application and adjust based on traffic / routing

- Google Maps is a smaller application and consequently runs faster; TeleNav often requires system restarts and can take a while to load

- I have never had a problem with Google Maps GPS; Telenav's GPS seems to require a system restart 25% of the time (which kills the instant gratification of these features)

- While TeleNav routing is far superior, Google Maps' business search is much more effective

- Neither mapping system provides a GPS system for walking or biking - which kills me. They route for vehicles

At the end of the day, I prefer TeleNav's routing system enough that it warrants $9.99 / month... assuming you use it enough. While vacationing, I use TeleNav with regularity; but since moving to San Francisco, I've found myself walking and biking daily (while not using my car on a weekly basis)... as such, Google Maps is sufficient.

Perhaps TeleNav should release a lite version or a pay per usage. I would even reconsider if they offered non-vehicular routing and solved the "weak GPS" errors that occur more-and-more often.