America tuned into watch Sarah Palin debate Joe Biden... and now they are turning to Google to ask, "who won the vp debate?" According to Google Hot Trends - t's the #1 search query on Google. The results, however, are far from satisfying and prove just how difficult indexing - and more importantly, ranking - fresh content from the blogoshpere and media is. Proof: If you are asking who won the debate, the best results likely were published after the debate. Right? Well here's a breakdown of the seven suggested sources:

- two articles published at 11am pst... long before the debate occurred - two articles from big media companies (Forbes and iReport) that are asking for user commentary - one AdSense affiliate reposting the top search queries - two timely critiques of the actual debate: one from WSJ and one from RightPundits

Palin Vice President Debate